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PLD Assault

Written by Dark. Posted at 1:33 am on June 4th, 2012

PLD Assault is a game I made for my college thesis.

My thesis topic is implementation of hex boards. As you might guess that came from my expirience in making a hex board for Blue Sun.

Unfortunately I cannot upload here anything to present PLD Assault but the following video.

My idea was to make a rather simple game but with great tactical depth. I wanted to implement something closer to a game of chess than typical computer game. PLD Assault was supposed to match two players comparing their general tactical skills and intelligence rather than skills, expirience or knowledge in that specific game.

I think I managed to get close to these goals in the end thanks to a few solutions:

  1. The map on which players fight is randomly generated each time – theres no way to learn your ultimate tactics. You need to improvise your strategies after analyzing the map.
  2. Players can choose and place units they want to use. At the same time they can preview the map while doing so.
  3. Every unit has two purposes: specific role in group (usually related to terrain conditions) and countering another type of unit. In this way terrain you fight on implies the units to use but at the same time making your squad selection easy to predict may get you easily countered.
  4. To discourage draw game scenarios theres a scoring system. Long story short: player who hides or defends forever will be at scoring disadvantage after game’s turns limit.
  5. It is possible to check movement options of your or enemy units. You can also check targets in range from a reachable position along with the damage done resulting in attack on that target from that field. This way even inexpirienced players can easily plan their moves.

The game was done in C++ with use of DirectX9. I made all the 3D models in Blender. Textures in Gimp.

The game uses a very simple but nice and functional engine I wrote for it. It was totally unnecessary but I wanted to practice something like that and also, my past expiriences taugh me that nice clean base saves loads of debugging work later on. Thats why I took special care to make my code clean and bug-less all along the development process. The engine cant be used for anything else but PLD Assault as it is a part of my college thesis which will soon become the property of my school once I get my degree.


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