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Written by Dark. Posted at 7:42 am on January 28th, 2011

“Blue Sun’s” old read-only forum with more information about the game

“Blue Sun” alpha version downloads

Blue Sun is a turn-based space strategy/tactical game that I have been developing for a few years.

Unfortunately, I have stopped working on this project despite how far I got with it.

I still like the concept and ideas so who knows… perhaps I will get back to this or make a new version as I believe the game would’ve been interesting if it got further than this while receiving some improvements.

At the point I halted development of Blue Sun it was playable with one of the three races almost finished.

You can download the latest beta version I had at the old forum of the game.

Here are some most important features I had planned:

  • Turn-based game on a hexagonal board.
  • Standard features from RTS games like unit production, colonization, resource mining and researches.
  • Modernization of units. Finished research is not enough. Units need to return to a unit capable of modernizing them to receive the upgrades.
  • Resources need to be transported from the mining operation to factories.
  • Each unit has its expirience level. Higher level units get much more efficient at anything they do. It is possible to train units at academy ships/stations.
  • Three races with their own unique, different play style and tactics.
  • Ability to steal unit designs and technologies of other races.
  • High tactical complexity requiring effective economy, organisation, intelligence, formations, planning, mind-reading and sabotage.
  • Random events during games, e.g. meteroid showers, neutral resource convoys, ships calling for rescue, appearance of hostile space creatures, pirates, etc.
  • Campaign mode with a story and illustrations.
  • Multiplayer, skirmish and hot-seat mode.
  • Running game in a window, allowing player to do something else while playing (or play while doing something else) and waiting for opponents movement.

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