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Gamer’s Treasure

Written by Dark. Posted at 1:12 pm on June 5th, 2012

In my life I have played many games and I’m planning to play many many more. I often look around the internet for any nice, rare finds and I decided to post here my findings once a while.

So what are the requirements of a “Gamer’s Treasure”?

  1. Treasure has to be hidden.
    I’m not planning to write about mainstream popular titles. The reason I am writing these reviews is because I feel some games simply deserve much more attention than they receive.
  2. Treasure is free to take.
    I will only post about free or cheap games. That’s what I’m usually looking for anyway.
  3. Not all that shines is gold.
    I won’t pick games purely for graphics (unless for some reason I’ll find those especially important). I favor well designed gameplay and interesting game mechanics.

Note: If you know any games, that you feel deserve a spot here, feel free to suggest them to me.