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Written by Dark. Posted at 2:13 am on June 5th, 2012

If you have read the “About me” page you probably know already that the aspect of games that I find most interesting are game mechanics. I like analyzing statistics, balancing, gameplay features, player abilities, game experience, etc.

That is why I decided to give a try writing gameplay analyses on request. Please keep in mind a few things though. Firstly, I am not a proffessional game designer (although hoping to become one someday). Secondly, in my analyses I will focus on game mechanics. I’m not intending to judge the graphics or sound quality of games as I have little knowledge in those areas and they are of little interest to me.

Basically, my goal here is to identify the key game mechanics and analyse them, their relations and their impact on player experience.

Before requesting an analysis from me please consider a few things.

  1. I’d rather avoid judging game mechanics which are “to be added”. I need to be able to test them out while playing the game. Definitely, I will need to try out the implemented key elements making up your gameplay.
  2. Game mechanics aside, it’s perfectly fine if your game has placeholder graphics, no sounds, no music or missing anything else not directly related to game mechanics. As long as those are consistent I don’t mind writing about WIP projects.
  3. My reviews are focused on game mechanics. If the enjoyment of your game is placed on other factors like graphics or story, then there might be little for me to write about.
  4. I will consider analyzing fully functional and “playable” game prototypes.
  5. I will be posting on this website any analyses I make (unless for some reason I decide not to), including those which describe negative aspects of analysed game.
  6. I may add some suggestions or ideas for your game before, during or after writing about it but generally this is not the point. I need to be able to write an analysis of your game in its current state.

Having those few warnings mentioned, now it’s time for some good news. I organise my analyses in the following way:

  1. First of all, I’d like to discuss the game a little. If there’s anything you’d like to tell me about or point out a specific aspect I shouldn’t miss, you definitely should have the chance.
  2. I check out the game and write the analysis.
  3. I consult you again with the analysis. Hear out your comments about it. If there’s anything important I did miss or misjudged somehow I go back to playing and writing.
  4. Once I decide that the analysis describes your game properly it is time to post it.

As you can see, I’m not intending to write these reviews all on my own. I believe that consulting the creator is very important. I definitely want to be fair towards the game with my text.

To request an analysis just contact me using the contact information you can find on this website. I might not always have the time to write reviews but I wouldn’t be writing this offer if I wasn’t intending to. Just contact me and ask me about it.


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