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Written by Dark. Posted at 9:30 pm on June 4th, 2012

Working on my own 2D Game Maker game projects over the years I obviously needed some graphics. Not satisfied with free resources from internet which rarely match your needs and are inconsistent with one another I had to rely on my initially poor attempts at making graphics. Dozens of game ideas later I’ve gotten fairly decent at pixelart. It’s not great nor exceptional but it’s something I can manage with for my own needs.

Obviously, you can see some of the pixelart I did in the games presented on this website: Blue Sun and Tank Razer.

Theres also some stuff I got left after my other, unfinished games so here’s some samples of it:

Note: I make cursor sets sometime. They’re also pixelart so I added them too.

I do not give permission to use any of the above pixelart. I may still consider using these graphics someday. If you’d really like some of the above images for your own needs you’re always free to contact and ask me about them. No promises though.

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  1. Eitr also impressed me with both its graphics and sound. This is a visually striking game, with a very dark, gorgeous pixel-art aesthetic that feels perfectly suited to this sort of experience. Combat moves are also wonderfully animated in a way that really stands out by being paired with the retro visuals.

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