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Written by Dark. Posted at 3:16 am on June 4th, 2012

Hey. Welcome to my website.

Below you can find some information about me and my gaming-related experiences.

I am currently a college student studying game programming.

I have been interested in computer games for years. The first steps of game programming I made using Game Maker. Actually, it was far more than “first steps”. I’ve messed with that stuff for years. Without any exaggeration I can say I started dozens of projects of my own. Some of them were more playable than others, some less but all of them taught me programming all along the way.

The last and largest project I worked on using Game Maker was Blue Sun which you can read about, see and play. It’s not finished nor further developed but it’s playable and pretty neat.

My college thesis game – PLD Assault – is the first bigger project I did in C++. Thanks to my expriences from Game Maker it was pretty easy to switch and get going using that language. Actually switching to C++ gave me the edge of programming freedom and efficiency I missed in Game Maker.

Note to anyone who doesnt know Game Maker: it is NOT a primitive “5-clicks-to-make-a-game” software. It’s simple and easy to use but it has great potential and involves “real” programming. You should more view it as an easy to use 2D engine for games with its own environment and language.

To quickly list my programming capabilities: C++, DirectX9, JAVA, GML, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP. I wouldnt say I’m an expert in any of those except GML but I consider myself capable to use them well enough.

Aside from writing games I’m also a dedicated gamer. I rarely buy or follow the mainstream games. Whenever I get bored of the games I have I just snoop around the internet for something new until I find a nice, cheap, free or very good game to try.

I have specific prefferences regarding games. I like well designed complex game mechanics, customisations (more than just graphical), tactical and strategical depth, intelligence rewarding, innovative ideas, originality. Despite all these requirements I tried out lots of various types of games, only some of the genres more than others. It’s a bit hard for me to define what exactly drives me when picking the titles I like. Firstly, I put very little attention to graphics. Besides that I guess I could enigmatically say that I appreciate good ideas and good mechanics design.

In fact, game mechanics is the aspect of games that I find most interesting. Quite often when I play games I ponder over their mechanics. What attracts me in that game, what’s discouraging me, what could be added, what feature holds more potential and would be so much better if done differently. I’m always full of suggestions for games I like and ideas for my own projects. I never act before thinking things properly through though. Over the years of game making I’ve learned how easy it is to fall for your own momentary enthusiasm. I’m sure any fellow game programmers/designers would know what I mean here.

The games I’ve tried range from some of the oldest to the most recent ones and my favourites lay all along that categorisation. To mention the ones I can recall at this moment, in my opinion, best titles: Dune 2, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Power Dolls, Master Blaster, Egoboo, Doukutsu Monogatari, Ur-Quan Masters, Battleships Forever, Disciples series, Thief series, Homeworld series, Original War, Guilty Gear, Speed Busters, Armored Core series, Xenogears, Cosmic Break, Starcraft 2, Mabinogi, Dream of Mirror Online, Galaxy Online 2, Pardus, League of Legends.

As you can see there are old games, new games, PC games, console games, single player games, RTS, RPG, MMOs and a variety of other genres.